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We have combined our StudentBalloonist.com site with the shop for a cleaner experience. We are cutting back on the number of products offered on the site to what we keep in stock to allow for faster ship times, although we still offer all items not listed as well as custom sewing projects if requested via email. As always we are here to assist balloonists and balloonists-to-be in anyway we can, regardless of whether you purchase anything from us. Feel free to get in touch anytime and if we can’t answer your question we will connect you with someone that can.

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We’ve combined our resources into one site so that free tools can be more easily accessed.
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Private Pilot Practice

The exam has been broken up into categories. You can choose to strengthen individual areas with short 20 question quizzes, or practice the full 60 question exam covering all categories. Although specific figures may change, each question is directly from practice test banks and nearly identical in structure and wording to the questions you’ll find on the FAA’s private written exam for balloons with an airborne heater.

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Full Practice Exam

Full simulation covering all categories.


FAA general rules and regulations.

LTA Operations

Actual balloon flight operations.

Flight Instruments

Using and reading in-flight info.


Aviation weather and forecasting.

Airport Operations

Proper procedures in controlled airspace.